Target Stands

by BEAST Enterprises


As with may such stories, these stands came about when I needed stands for my family’s ranch. I went through several designs before I hit upon the venerable “H” in steel tubing.

“The Rest”, as they say, “is History.”

However, handling and storing traditional stands is somewhat awkward so I came up with the “collapsing” innovation. The legs are secured using 1/4” bolts with Wing Nuts so as to speed the process. These are UTILITARIAN target stands, intended to be thrown in the back of the truck, thrown out on the ground and to be, yes even, SHOT at!

Thus, the stands are dip painted so both the insides and outsides are coated. The legs are drilled for spike style stakes. The tolerance between the upright and the wooden furring strips (1x2”) is such that they can be tilted in the designed direction to accommodate cardboard backers from 18” out to 24+”.

With the increasing popularity of larger rifle targets, we have also introduced our Beast XL stand, a 24” width target stand to accommodate larger targets.

All Beast target stands are now available for ordering through MOA Targets at