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Dedicated to the proposition that the Second Amendment applies to ALL Americans.

Concealed Carry laws and YOU

A major soapbox issue for me are the Concealed Carry laws now being passed by the majority of states. Forty two states are now “Right To Carry” states. This means that if you're qualified, not a criminal, and not crazy (well, within reason), the state MUST issue the permit. No politics allowed.

It is my opinion that EVERY shooter/gun owner SHOULD take the classes, do the background check and GET THEIR PERMIT, even if you don't intend to carry!! Ignore the paranoia about the background check and the finger prints! What IS important is that WE, THE SHOOTERS let the Gov'ment know that we can't be cowed, intimidated or scared into giving up our Constitutional rights simply because they put artificial and moronic obstacles in the way.

When half the shooters/gun owners in the country have CCW (by the statistics, that's 1/4 the population of the country!), our "crime problem" will vanish.

Do YOUR part - go get your Concealed Carry Permit.


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